Square Bud Vase

 6 inches in height

Turquoise glaze with slight crystalline surface

Oval Bowl

9 inches long

White matte glaze with blue slip

Square covered box

5 inches square

Turquoise glaze 

Oblong tray

16 inches long

Ash and matte white glaze

Covered square box 

Approx. 6" square

Ash glaze over matte 

Syrup Pitcher

5.5" height

Satin green glaze, breaks to a copper and black on edges


Rectangular Bowl

10" l x 7" w

Ash glaze, reduction fired

Triangle Vases

9" height on the taller vase

Matte yellow glaze with field of black

Lidded Jar

17" h x 6" w

Matte white and wood ash, reduction fired

Tapered Vase

15" h x 7" w

Shino and green ash glazes, reduction fired

Rimmed Platter

16" l x 6"w

Matte brown glaze, reduction fired

Three bottles

18"h (tallest)

Matte black glaze, reduction fired